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We were talking recently about the day we bought Pearl, and the memorable chain of events entailed.

We thought it was worth a share. 


As we embarked on our journey north, we were excited and apprehensive, at the possible addition to the family we could be gaining. At 37 weeks pregnant, it wasn't our little lady we were referring to at this point. 


The early morning struggle was lessened as I clasped a tasty hot chocolate, not least to warm my hands, whilst waiting patiently on the chilly platform. A couple of trains later and we were soon boarding for our first leg, greeted with comfort and wifi in the modern Virgin carriage. Admiring the ever-changing great outdoors, we discussed the family camping adventures we could have if today goes to plan.

So many beautiful places we could park up and explore. 


The relaxation and dreaming was soon over as we exchanged on to the connecting line at Leeds.. a train ride we shall not be forgetting in a hurry. Square wheels was the only way to describe it, as we bounced alongside the adjoining carriage. A near hour into the ride and it was becoming a frighteningly real concept that this could be the trigger of an early birth. 


Relieved, we made it to our station, hospital notes still in bag, to be met by a coach transfer for the final leg to the Yorkshire village destination. We'd obviously picked a chaotic day for travel, but this was erased from our concerns as the head-turning pearly-white T2 cheerily putted along side us. As the bus pulled in to its allocated bay, a grin grew from ear to ear on both of our faces - a childhood dream was becoming within our grasp. We only had to look at each other to know it would take a lot to turn this 1970's early bay down. 



A test drive to a quieter area, thorough body and engine checks, and a lot of Campervan talk later, the deal was made with a saddened, reluctant seller. We were now the proud owners of our very own beautiful early bay, bringing a feeling of adventure and a small bout of nerves, at the thought of the 6 hour plus drive home we needed to complete. 


Insurance set up, we set off on our way and gradually passed all the stations we had traveled through earlier that day. Stopping every couple of hours to rest the air-cooled engine, we were approached at one of the services by a man offering to buy the camper there and then. As tempting and flattering as a £3000 commission sounded for a day's work, this was politely turned down and we continued south. Having driven campers many times before, Kevin was straight in to the friendly VW gesturing as we passed other buses.     


Traveling a maximum of 50mph certainly took its toll on the journey time, as the SatNav continued to recalculate our ETA. 11pm we eventually arrived home, a mere 18 hours after our morning set off - although an equally impressive first journey by our now named, Pearl



We're almost 18 months into our Campervan ownership, and both agree it was definitely a worthwhile trip.


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